8 Killer Strategies that made Stephen King sell more than 350 Million Books

When it comes about preparing the list of commercially successful authors of even past half century, the name of Stephen King is obvious to appear at the top. King has scripted more than seventy immensely popular books in various genres, including horror, science fiction and fantasy. Mouth opening is the number that talks about the total sales of his book that rakes a mammoth 300-350 million copies.

However, King never keeps things under the wrap. He has made everything apparent 16 years ago to express all those handy tricks, which became a bestseller within no time. It’s the On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft the above lines were talking about.

The best part about the book is its simplicity. One doesn’t really need to be a novelist neither has to go through King’s book extensively to understand what has been conveyed. Well, basically the following 8 strategies King has been always emphasizing on that have given him a dream 350 million book sales.


Readers love the honest expression:

No creative knack or artistic style is needed when something is spoken being candid. One should be very clear about his/her thoughts and what he/she wants to convey. The first thing a writer as to keep in mind is that there should be nothing fabricated within the book. In short, it should be like a experience share. People pay higher emphasis to the authentic feels; be it anything, starting from relationship, fantasy, sex, etc.

It’s not meant for vocabulary test; the reader should get entertained

Most of the books don’t get sold as people don’t become able in understanding it. With an attempt of showing off their vocabulary skill they dip in to wrong usage of the words. King advises to use the words those perfectly convey the sentence, intention or the feel behind.

Single sentence paragraphs to make it intuitive

No one is going to applaud you about being grammatically flawless, unless it is not interesting enough or properly conveying the intention. It should be written in an intuitive fashion. The reader should feel like listening or talking to someone. Hence, the single line sentences are preferred as the sentences are often single lined in conversations. King says writing is like seduction; like every seduction starts with a conversation and ends on bed, a book should make the reader get cosy with it.

Talk to the person itself

As mentioned above, writing is like seduction. And, one can’ seduce multiple people at a stretch. In short, the writing should appear like talking to a single person; it means every reader should feel like this. The usage of the terms like ‘He’, ‘She’, I, are like a must. Best idea would be to find a person that resembles the character in the book.

Be a book bug

There is no replacement of experience; same is the case with the books as well. To make a reader happy, you have to be a bug reader as well. It given the perfect idea of the reader likes and dislikes. People those who read more are most candid personalities. Hence, writing is like a must for every reader

Each word counts

Remember, you are dealing with someone’s emotion through the book. It’s a sin to cheat people with emotions. Hence, it’s advised to be very careful about the words you pick for the book. Ask the question’ is it conveying the right mood’?

Practice makes the person perfect

Practice makes someone perfect. Sentence formation is a crispy affair. It’s quite sensitive as well when it comes about expressing things in the right fashion. Attaining that spontaneity with writing demands someone to write everyday, being very serious. One should be stubborn like he should even ignore the foods upon failing to write one day.

Enjoy your job

Be it King or someone else, the common fact about every great writer is that they all love their job. They are the first critic, reader, admirer, etc. All these demand a person to love his/her works the most. Most importantly, King calls it a blunder to write for money. Finally, your love should be the only reason you write.

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