Your personal goal is now Google Calendar’s responsibility

The much buzzed recent upgrade for Google Calendar application is now available with an interesting feature. It enables the user to set their targets within the app starting from reading multiple excellent books, getting knowledge for a new language to meeting any fitness objective, etc.

Google is integrating one of the very handy ways of marching towards the set aims through the Calendar. The ideas is, the upgrades to the Calendar to follow your set aims, to keep eye over the progress rate since beginning, and to arrange those in an organized, visually appealing fashion. Moreover, the intention is to assist the user in compliant time management. google_calendar_material_01

Being human, the chances of forgetting something is always there. However, Google doesn’t have any similar issues, though. Hence, to ensure something is not forgotten, one can deliver the task to Google of reminding by any amount of time. As a result, Google will remind you through notification, in case it is forgotten.

The process of setting the goals is pretty simple; it’s about answering certain very simple questions. All a user need is to hit the plus button available at the extreme bottom right, and then hitting the ‘Goals’ available. It’s just about setting initially; Google takes care of the rest scheduling things in accordance with your lifestyle. More the number of days the Calendar spend time with you, more appropriate outcomes it starts delivering. In case you are busy at the set timing, simply adjourning the reminder will let Google to find the other available timing according to your schedule.

This upgrade has been introduced as a tribute to 10th anniversary of Calendar. Good news is that the iOS users can also play with the app. The Android users simply need to shift to the ‘my apps’ section at the Play Store to upgrade.

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